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About Trete Lo

  Trete Lo started out as an artist on an independent record label, Tipitoe Records. After moderate success with his first album "Unorthodox", Trete Lo started his own publishing, music and film company,  Underground South Connection in 2005. Trete Lo published the first poetry and short story magazine in Louisiana called "More Than Words". The magazine grew in readership and advertising and was distributed locally in B. Dalton bookstores.

   Trete Lo continued his journey in music by coming out with the album"Ghetto Poetry"followed by his next album " The Martyr." He also wrote and published his first novel, Dead Soul, The Realest Story that Ever Lived followed by his second book "The Martyr." He also co-wrote "Could You Please Act Like a Lady" with author, Cacha Cream.

  Trete Lo started to gain recognition as an established entrepreneur when he produced a DVD series entitled Urban Message. Urban Message features interviews with Katt Williams, The Late Legendary Rapper Pimp C, Lil Boosie, Lil O, Ali, Spanky Hayes and more. Now he continues to push forward with his production company by filming projects slated for network television and theaters.   Music in 3D was released in December 2015. "Every since Pimp C Died was released May 2016 &" The Definition of Trete Lo was just released July 2016. Da Author Trete Lo continues to be productive by releasing a series of short films and books.

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