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What a Mexican Food Truck Taught Me About Business

I have two Mexican food trucks close to me both of them are in walking distance from each other. In fact, one truck is one block away from the other. At first I thought, I’d just go to both from time to time. “I wanted to support both, what a heart of gold I have!” Anyway, LOL. I ordered Tortas (It’s a Mexican sandwich with the works) I noticed that they both were the same price I noticed the red truck had more of a homemade bun type of chicken bits for meat. The blue truck had store bought bread but the meat was actual chicken slices. Both were pretty good but I could not decide who I would stay with until I ordered the Hamburguesa Mexicana (excuse my spelling Idk.) The red truck had great bread but once again disappointed me with the meat. The meat didn’t fill the edges of the bread and it was processed.

   The other truck had hand patty real beef and it was thick enough to fill the bun plus it was a dollar less than the other truck. both came with fries also. I noticed the feeling I got from the blue truck versus the red truck. I felt that the blue truck made me feel as though I was getting a better deal by giving me more requiring me to pay less. I felt the red truck tried to skimp by on giving me their best. Guess who I went with for all of my business. The blue truck is the winner. Think about this situation and apply it to whatever business you’re in. You’ve got to figure out a way to give your customers more for less than your competitors. No one can compete with business that offers more value. That’s why I have a free album on my website and dropped two albums in 3 months, that’s my way of providing more value.

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