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Written July, 17 2018

  I'm working
on a new film called Knuckles. It's about a street fighter who wants to stop fighting and dreams of creating a rec center for the youth and pursuing a music career. His dreams get side-tracked when his brother is kidnapped and he has to keep fighting. The entire film is a hip hop musical that is wrapping up Summer 2018 in Houston Texas. I am directing, editing, starring in and doing music production, performing music and so many other things. I have help though. My first lady as casting director, a martial artist for fight choreography, great actors and actresses. My friends Wanetah and Jason, my sister on wardrobe. It's a ton of people that have become my friends while going through this journey. I'm a finisher and a starter so this will be done soon and I'll be off to editing. I will get this film on network television. This is my first feature film and I want it to be great to me and I wanna have fun while I'm doing it! In fact that's all I want to remember is the fun! I'll be grateful when it's done but the reward at least part of it will be getting so many people exposure that need it!    
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